© 1994-2004 by Paddy Gillard-Bentley



There was a very unusual place when the world was still brimming with magic._ Within the heart of all this magic, lived a phenomenal boy named, Liam the Curious._ There was a cornucopia of additional names bestowed upon him over the years by a diverse hodgepodge of individuals he encountered in his extraordinary life, some mortal, some not. When he was home, which wasn’t as often as his parents hoped, he lived in a modest stone castle called, Skye Dragon, with his mum and dad and a castle-bound cat named, Fionn McCoul. Together they lived, right at the edge of the Enchanted Forest.

            Helena Abigail Murphy was my Irish Granny. Although I had never met this amazing lady, my mother told me many stories about the magic she wielded, even in this modern day. Two weeks after my Granny died, I received a large parcel in the mail from Irelad.  I wondered, when I read the card inside the package.


To my darling Granddaughter, blood of my blood, in the hopes that the tradition of magic carries on. Of all things I could give you, this is the most precious. You will know exactly

what to do with it.

With much love, from your Granny.

Questions rattled my brain._ Did she know she hadn’t much time?_ What did she send me that was so precious?_ And what is this about magic?_ Much to my surprise, the package contained small wooden chest._ It looked ancient._ On the lid, in a circle, was carved a dragon._ Within the circle of the dragon were a crescent moon and a five pointed star._ I traced the beautiful images with my finger._ When I opened the lid, I was surprised to see an old battered book._ It was bound in leather and embossed with the very same image as the chest and looked to be hundreds of years old._


I carefully opened the book._ On the first page, in large letters, was this:_ An Amhra Abhantur Beanaim Liam an Deismireach._ As I started to read, I realized this was a journal, a very old journal, and on these pages were revealed, the adventures of Liam the Curious, by his own hand._ Perhaps she sent me the book because she somehow knew I would be the one to share these stories._ Perhaps she knew that out of all my family, I was the one that believed not all magic has gone from this world. I will never know for sure, but I do know this._ Much of magic is sustained by belief._ And if sharing these stories will perpetuate magic a little farther into the hearts of mankind, than I have understood why she send the book to me.

Liam was born during a rare conjunction of the planets Venus, Mars and Jupiter in Leo._ It’s sagacious to assume that this was not the only reason Liam spent so much time in the forest, and why adventure, as if it were his destiny, pursued him like an evening shadow, and one fascinating episode followed another._ Stars are not the answer to everything._ Courage, integrity, and honesty were just three characteristics that belonged to Liam that had a significant effect on his escapades, and also, what made Liam someone endeared by everyone, well, but for the trolls and the goblins, and that enormous giant….




The Goblins of Dubh Leithras
(from book V)

_1994-2004 by Paddy Gillard-Bentley


Book I

The dragon threw his head to the sky.

"Who are these men, that they believe they are invincible, and I am powerless against them?  If truth be known, my natural armor is well nigh impenetrable, and they are but annoying flies, to flick with my tail as easily as draw breath. I spew my fire to the sky, awaiting retribution that I anticipate in the consumption of these two.  It has been many a hundred year, since came to me such consequential delicacies as these.”

The Prince and Princess of Ealdormere are visiting Skye Dragon.  Seeking adventure in the forest, they find themselves face to face with a cantankerous, sarcastic Dragon, who has been isolated so long, he has forgotten his name.  By the time Liam reaches them, the dragon has trapped the Princess Fiona in one of the Dark Shadow Caves, and Prince Sir David, after putting up a valiant fight, lies unconscious on the ground, victim of the Dragon_s rage.  While he considers his options from a hiding place, Liam watches fearful, and yet captivated as the mighty creature, bellows from pain; pain that is not due to Seamus’s sword, still dangling from his side.  Unknown to them all, including the dragon, it is heartburn that is the cause of his vile mood…heartburn do doubt, brought on by eating bad weasels.   It turns out the dragon doesn't actually like to eat mortals anyway.

"They taste a little gamy."

Set in Medieval Ireland, MUGWORT_S BANE, is the first in a series of Junior Fiction Chapter Books (I am currently on 6), _THE GREAT ADVENTURES LIAM THE CURIOUS_ Liam spends a great deal of his time in the Enchanted Forest, and it seems adventure, as if it were his destiny, pursues him like an evening shadow.  His is strong, fearless and compassionate and most of his companions are females, with strong characters.  Yet, all who are mortal, and most are not, display those same qualities, and have their own limitations and quirks.  He is respected and revered and sometimes feared by the mystical inhabitants of the forest, for he retains, some of the _old magic_.

Liam discovers a brilliant solution and saves the day.

Book II

Emily and her parents visit Skye Dragon for a few days.  A young lady, who has a special place in Liam_s heart, Emily finds every moment overflowing and his knack for adventure thrilling, whenever she’s in Liam's company.  During their trek through the woods, they come upon a grave situation. A Giant has descended upon Borloris, the Wood Gnome village, sent by Anmatis Sego to settle an ancient grudge.  Because of the Gnomish fear of heights, it is up to Liam and Emily to rescue the village from the anger and wrath of the Giant...sent by dark magic with only one destroy Borloris.

Book III

As if the first day wasn't enough excitement, on the second, Emily and Liam journey to the home of the Nemeton Elves, to return Birdsinger, a flute belonging to Parlan Bhaltair Stewart of Ballachulish, a friend who has gone to live with the Forest-dwelling Elves.  When the three of them go into the Phantom Wood to find a particular branch for Emily to make a good bow from, she gets taken by Edana of the Dark MoonEdana, who has committed herself to Dark Magic, is an Enchantress looking for an apprentice in the dark arts_an apprentice, she believes she has found in Emily.


Book IV

Alexandra returns in this tale of encounters.  Near the Moggy Bog and being a direct contrast to the stench-filled cesspool where only Trolls can live, is a beautiful glade called, Elder Copse.  Its beauty is complete with stream and waterfall.  And it is here, on Mid-summer_s day, that Liam and Alexandra first encounter Borage and Hawthorn, Unicorns who will ever, from that day,  be both their protectors and friends.  Yet, Liam_s adventures are never without their peril, and an innocent visit to Wythy ben Sidhe turns to a near disaster, when Alexandra becomes enchanted with Columbine, nephew to King Quick Silver and Queen Artemisia.

Book V (finished)

Emily, returns, on her way back from visiting her Grandparent, is again thrown into one of Liam_s famous adventures. While walking through the Enchanted Forest, Liam is summoned by Artemisia, the Queen of the Faeries who are known as, Withy ben Sidhe.  It seems the Goblin's of Dubh Leithras (which means roughly, Black Toilet in Gaelic) have stolen the Faerie's Healing Crystal, and because of the Faerie wards put on the Goblin's encampment, none can go near.  It is up to Liam and Emily to return the crystal before the Goblin_s use it_s magic for evil purposes which is exactly their intention.  We all know that a magical artifact is neither good nor evil, but is dependent on the intent of the user.  Artemisia had the sense to loan Liam, 'Anam O Ciunas', the broach of invisibility.  Without it, Liam_s task would have been impossible.

Book VI (in progress)

This book introduces us to Becca who is the same age as Liam.  Unlike Alexandra and Emily, Becca is not daring or adventurous, and prefers not to be surprised by anything.  If truth be told, she would sooner sit and work on her tapestry, than face any unknown in The Enchanted Forest.  But one morning, while staying at Skye Dragon, Becca decides to face a few of her fears, and join Liam on one of his adventures.  With his help, and that of Arnica the Faerie, and Glendor, an elf who speaks in rhyme and plays the flute with his nostrils, she learns that she has more bravado than she thought, and is a much better person than she hoped.

Book VII (In progress)

Thalia Wind Rider is a seer.  On her horse named Ash she travels the country. She is strong, feisty, and capable.  Thalia and Liam have a serious run-in with the Trolls.  Only with Thalia_s help, does Liam survive this ordeal.  One of the interesting things about Thalia, is she is blind, but, as she has often said when asked how she copes with danger, "My soul sees for me, and I trust it explicitly."




















Book VIII (In progress)

A story about the Fearie chanter that belonged to the Mcleod_s, but was lost long ago, by the McCrimmons.  In the keeping of McLeRETURN TOod tradition, Skye Dragons piper is still a McCrimmon, Iaan McCrimmon to be exact.  Liam_s father, who is from Albany, or as some have come to call it, Scotland, has somehow brought the legend with him.  There is news in the Enchanted Forest, that the very chanter, belonging to the McLeods, is somewhere in the forest.  Liam, Parlan and Iaan set out one day, to see if they can retrieve it, as a gift for Alasdair.  But no quest is without it_s danger, and if it involves Liam, it is not without its great adventure either.