Sanguine Sonata


A short screenplay by © 2005 Paddy Gillard-Bentley



Vincent and Anna have been together a long time…a very long time...perhaps too long.  Amid their bitter arguments and waning love for each other, inevitable when you are with the same person for more than a hundred and fifty years, they come to realize that there are no embers left burning. 


Or are there?


When Anna reveals to Vincent she is done…through with everything, and the last thing she will see is the sun, Vincent attempts to change her mind.  Through the often poetic dialogue, Vincent and Anna are compelled to revert to, they rediscover love by remembering the first night they met. We walk with them through the streets of Venice. He...was dying of thirst...and she died to satiate him. 


Sometimes soft, sometimes gritty, sexual content. 


SANGUINE SONATA was produced as a play June 19, 20, 21, 2003, at the King Street Theatre in Kitchener, Ont. For the Record New Works Festival.


Sanguine Sonata, by Paddy Gillard-Bentley, directed by Gary Kirkham featuring Shelagh Ranalli and Anthony Crea, tells of the breakup of the relationship between two characters. But Vincent attempts to recreate the passion surrounding their first meeting, the dialogue sensuous and mirrored by the acting, and the pair become so carried away that they forget what happens when the sun rises on a pair of Vampires. ~ Harry Currie - Record Staff


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