One-Act Plays




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© 2013 Paddy Gillard-Bentley
1m/5f (1 female V.O.)


A very unusual relationship exists between a psychiatrist and the five woman in his once a week 'group' therapy sessions.  Heather I is like a child.  She is quiet and afraid of nearly everything.  Heather II is streetwise, but neurotic as hell.  Leanne, the Southern Belle, a direct contrast to Merv, the rough, foul-mouthed bag lady and Lacy, sexy Lacy, who everyone ignores…except of course, Dr. Orgel…who is not without psychiatric diagnosis of himself.


All these women have one very intrinsic thing in common, something the Doctor is about to destroy in his enthusiasm to gain recognition for his work with Multiple Personality Disorders, for all these women, are the same woman, something only revealed near the play’s finish.


The audience will take an often amusing, sometimes terrifying journey into Heather’s head, and the chaos that ensues within.   Life has dealt Heather such a horrific beginning, that she has created complete personalities that deal with the things in life that she cannot. Unfortunately for all of them, Dr. Orgel does not understand that MPD is not a psychiatric condition, but Heather’s only hope for survival.


PRODUCTION HISTORY:  UnHinged 2013 – Kitchener.  Surrender Dorothy Productions – directed by Paddy Gillard-Bentley.  Performed by Bruce Wolff, Jewels Krause, Sasha Gruetzmacher, Maddy Kane, Katharine Mills and Abigail Slinger.









© 2000 Paddy Gillard-Bentlley

1/f 1/m (or 2/f)
15 min.


Vincent and Annie have been together for too long.   Their relationship is crumbling.  That will be nothing compared to the state of their being, if the sun catches up to their bitter fighting, swelling into a walk through their 200+ year pasts.


PRODUCTION HISTORY:  Sanguine Sonata was first performed at Theatre & Company’s May Play Fest, 2004.  It was directed by Gary Kirkham, and performed by Anthony Crea and Shelagh Ranalli. 


It was also part of Asphalt Jungle Hotpants in Kitchener, 2011.  Directed by Paddy Gillard-Bentley.  Performed by Katharine Mills & Sasha Greutzmacher.










© 2012 Paddy Gillard-Bentley
Psychological Thriller
50 mins.


A lovely couple who both happen to be sociopaths, planning their next victim, while a ghost from his past, does all she can to thwart them.

We had an audience member stalked for each performance.


PRODUCTION HISTORY:  And Then She Tasted Cerulean Blue premiered at UnHinged 2012 – A Surrender Dorothy Production.  Directed by Paddy Gillard-Bentley.  Performed quite brilliantly by Caitlyn Derderian, Derrick Rabethge and Arlene Thomas.










© 2000 Paddy Gillard-Bentley
Psychological Thriller
50 min.

Jenna finds herself at Evan’s place thrust into a very complicated situation. This is the first time since meeting him at university that she has been to his apartment. Now that she is there, she wonders how their mutual friend and ‘shadow character’, Alec talked her into believing that she was the best choice to make sure everything goes smoothly when the men in white coats come for Evan…again. Evan, a screenplay writer who suffers from depression, is in Alec’s opinion, a threat to himself…and perhaps, Jenna thinks…to her. Evan chooses this unfortunate time to confess to Jenna that he has secretly been in love with her the entire length of their friendship, a love that seems to border on obsession. She is uneasy, he is unpredictable, and the two of them journey through a barrage of emotions leading up to the inevitable knock on the door


PRODUCTION HISTORY:  White Noise premiered at The Water Street Theatre for MayPlayFest 2000.  It was directed by Theatre & Company’s artistic director, Stuart Scadron-Wattles, and produced by Nicole Lee. Evan Somers was played by Daniel Fathers and Jenna was played by Corina Dunn.  


It was also part of UnHinged 2008 – performed by Arlene Thomas and Andrew Fry.









© 2011 Paddy Gillard-Bentley
Psychological Thriller
50 min.


His first kill.  He relishes the delicious details to a dead rat on the roof of his apartment building.


PRODUCTION HISTORY:  Haunting the Penumbra premiered as part of UnHinged 2011 in Kitchener.  A Surrender Dorothy Production.  Directed by Paddy Gillard-Bentley.  Performed by Jeff Ulrjich.  











© 2001 Paddy Gillard-Bentley

1f - 3m
30 min.

God, a little Woody Allenesque, is having a particularly bad day as he and the Devil, as usual, smooth as silk, vie for the souls of two punk rockers in a laundromat.  Howard and Snake discuss women, green monkeys and life in the tropics, as the clock ticks for the unsuspecting Yvette and Madman.  Even God has some regrets as he contemplates some of his creations gone awry.  Snake tries to cheer him up...

HOWARD:  This is all so disheartening.  I keep trying, but nothing I do seems good enough.  A few mistakes…so much has gone wrong.
SNAKE:  Ah, poor Howard.  Don’t despair.  You made a few good things.
HOWARD:  You think so?
SNAKE:  Sure.  Stars are good. Everyone looks at those. And women…woman are good.
HOWARD:  Woman? I thought that was yours.
SNAKE:  Nope, yours.

Howard and The Snake is funny, insightful and dares to poke at some religious boundaries.


PRODUCTION HISTORY:  Received a staged reading at The Market Theatre, April 2001.






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Quantum Entanglement

 ©  2001 Paddy Gillard-Bentley


1f – 1m

15 min.

No set.


There are moments in our lives when we make a decision based on one simple thing._ Sometimes, as simple as a phrase._ No inconsequential thing, but something that touches deeply._ In that moment, Julia heard the loom click, as the fates took a detour in the continuum of weaving the tapestry of her life…with broken threads.


In the midst of making perfect love, Christien whispers something to Julia that she takes exactly the wrong way.  It changes everything about her life, and the way she deals with men.


Too many years later, she finds out she was wrong.  A beautiful bittersweet journey through what might have been.


Production History


  • Part of NOW and FORNEVER – PRODUCED BY 8-0-8 PRODUCTIONS at November 23 - December 2, 2006 at Birds and Stone, Calgary, AB._ Directed by Kim Watkinson, Performed by Tim Nguyen and Anastasia St. Amand.
  • August 2007 - BLACK MAGIC WOMAN PRODUCTIONS_ - Hawthorne Cultural Center, Philadelphia, PA
  • UNHINGED – Kitchener’s Festival of Site-Specific Theatre, Sept 18 – 27, 2008 - The ArtBar – Kitchener, On. Directed by Robin Bennett – performed by Jennifer Cornish & Will Kernohan.



Read the Review from Calgary






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A one-act of God

©  2005 Paddy Gillard-Bentley


4/f 1/M Ages 55-70_ (Play for Seniors)


Running Time – 40 mins.


Easy set.


Manny married Edna._ She died._ So he married Celia._ She died._ Then, only eight weeks later (enough time for the insurance to come through), he married the young and tarty Skeeter, aged 55, and she died too….just after him._ If he had listened to Skeeter, he wouldn’t have crashed his Porsche Boxter S right into a pig truck. Those insurance policies were your best idea ever, Celia!_


Together again in Heaven with all his ex’s…who does Manny get to spend eternity with?_ God, dressed a little gauche, what can I say, she likes glittery things…but always with sensible shoes, leaves the decision to a heavenly game of Bingo.


This is a fun and light-hearted look at life, death and the possibility of eternity without sex._


There are four possible endings to this play.  You choose who wins, or you can let God decide._ There is also a fourth ending where they all call BINGO simultaneously. There are also bingo card diagrams included with the script


When reunited in the Kingdom of God, which wife gets the man?


Production History – 20012 - The Roxy Theatre in Neepawa, Manitoba, Time Boom Productions.







The Delicate Art of Breathing
© 2001 Paddy Gillard-Bentley
20 min.

Dying of cancer, a woman and her daughter talk about life, love and death, clinging to those things that hold them together.  Finding answers isn’t easy when the act of breathing is so difficult.  This is a sweet, poignant play that will touch hearts and dampen eyes.


PRODUCTION HISTORY:  Received a staged reading at The Market Theatre, March 2001.



©  2001 Paddy Gillard-Bentley
20 min.

White Dwarf is a brutal and emotional journey of a psychopath’s first murder._ Persuaded by cocaine, segued by tales and lies, he explains to a dead rat the trials and tribulations involved in just being him._

The problem with crawling into the head of the psychopath is the adventure of crawling out again.



© 2000 Paddy Gillard-Bentley
3 m/1f
20 min.

Mugwort's Bane is adapted from the first in a children's series I'm writing called; The Great Adventures of Liam the Curious.  They are the tales of a boy's life in Medieval Ireland, where he lives with a castle bound cat named Fionn McCoul in a Castle called Skye Dragon, right at the edge of the Enchanted Forest. 

Mugwort's Bane is the tale of the surprise meeting of a Dragon, living in one of the dread Dark Shadow Caves._ The Prince and Princess of Ealdormere find themselves trapped by the Dragon, and it is up to a 13 year old boy to rescue them.

Short excerpt.

The dragon breathes fire to the sky.


Who are these men, that they believe they are invincible, and I am powerless against them? 

If truth be known, my natural armor is well nigh impenetrable, and they are but annoying flies,

to flick with my tail as easily as draw breath. I spew my fire to the sky, awaiting retribution that I

anticipate in the consumption of these two.  It has been many a hundred year, since came to me

such consequential delicacies as these.


a detailed synopsis of the children’s books


·       Production History - Part of The Elmira Maple Syrup Festival, Elmira, On._ April 5, 2008 – 4 performances._ Directed by Tracey Kenyon.