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Ihr, 30 min.

12/m 5/w many parts can be doubled.

Min. required 4/m 5/f


Inspired by the Easter Rising of 1916 in Ireland, and the subsequent Anglo-Irish war and heart-breaking Civil War, comes an account of sorrow, regret, devastation…but always hope. 


We know the stories of Michael Collins.  We know the story of the proclamation.  The women’s stories are sadly missing from much of the history.  This is Maeve’s story, celebrating the strength of the women who participated in this rich history, side by side with the men, and the women who stayed at home, tending the farm, always fearing the worst.


A tender, funny, lyrical, heart-wrenching play that is simply about people.


Sam:  We have changed.  Ireland has changed.  Funny, this rebellion,

 this bold stand prompted by poets, artists, musicians…all with their

 intellectual visions…their sweet dreams…and from it is born a terrible beauty.


                                                      Note:  This play would not have been possible without the help of a dear friend,  Eugene O’Neill.  Not to be confused with the famous playwright who is no longer breathing.


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